Sophisticated graphic design for professionals and grand events

Grow online with a strong visual brand

Your work stands for itself. Your confidence, however, is holding you back from stepping into your true greatness. You're ready to level up and show up as the expert that you are. This is the full throttle design package for the lady boss ready to be consistently on point, each and every time.

The Chic Brand Package provides:

  • The visual confidence you need to show up anywhere, online or locally with Kanye level swag 

  • Logo designs that will completely change the caliber of clientele you attract

  • A well thought out color palette that will keep you consistent in future designs

  • Strategic, timeless typography pairings that won't leave you ready to redesign next year 

  • A Style guide that breaks down every aspect of your brand from the mission to the how and where to use your logos

  • A 3-month strategic plan for your social media and content marketing and all the designs you need to stay poppin' (pro package).   


Chic Novice

Investment: 4 payments of $195
$700 when paid in full

Timeline: 2 weeks



  • Main Logo

  • Alternate Logo

  • Submark Logo

  • Style Guide

  • 3 rounds of revisions


Chic Pro

Investment: 4 payments of $345
$1200 when paid in full

Timeline: 3 weeks


  • Business Card Design

  • Social Media Flyer

  • 3-month plan for social media and content marketing

  • Main Logo

  • Alternate Logo

  • Submark Logo

  • Style Guide

  • 3 rounds of revisions


The Chic Brand Design is for you if:

  • You need your visual brand to match your hustle

  • You want to be equipped with everything you need to maintain consistency in your visual brand

  • You know that having a strong cohesive brand style will change the game for your business

  • You're ready to grow your business online 

  • You're ready to invest in your brand

The Chic Brand Design is NOT for you if:

  • You're not sure what direction you're headed in your business

  • You haven't defined your brand mission, vision or message

  • You'd prefer to DIY your brand identity

  • You need "just"a logo

You're probably wondering...

What all does this package include?

Because this is a custom brand package, what you need is what's included (with the exclusion of printed items). We start, however, with a solid logo design complete with various formats and a style guide that outlines the do's and don'ts of your new brand. To see a complete list of a la carte designs, click here.

How does this process go?

Step 1: Schedule a discovery call (you can do that here).
Step 2: Secure design start date. See calendar for availability.
Step 3: Complete homework before design start date.
Step 4: I research & design.
Step 5: We collaborate & revise.
Step 6: I wrap it up.
Step 7: You rake it up.

The process is a bit more detailed than that. Click here to see the full process details.

What if I don't like my design?

I can definitely understand that concern. That's why we do all the heavy lifting on the front end to make sure we're going in the right direction before I even sit down to the computer. And while I have a track record of knocking it out the ball park the first time around, you have up to 3 rounds of revisions on each design to ensure we get it just right.

Are payment options available?

Absolutely! While you do save by paying in full, a minimum of 25% is required to secure a spot on my design calendar. 50% is due at least one week before your scheduled design start date. The remaining 50% is due toward the end of the project on a pre-scheduled date. Payment plans are autodrafted on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

Is there a return policy?

Yes and no. Due to the custom nature of digital design and time spent on research and development of the done for you projects, there are no refunds after the project has begun. Design start deposit returns are looked at on a case by case basis and are only granted under extreme extenuating circumstances.

How soon do I book?

While there is a minimum 2 week lead time on all done for you projects, I book out months in advance. I dedicate all of my energy to one client at a time and projects run in weekly increments. Therefore, you should book your design start date based on your availability to complete your homework. Not having your homework completed by your design start date will forfeit your spot and your project will be pushed to the end of my design calendar (and we don't want that). Check my design calendar here to see availability.

I just need a logo, that's it. Can you do that?

You may be in a place in your business where you feel like all you need is a logo but I beg to differ. Visual branding goes deeper than just the logo and you want to be equipped with everything you need to take your marketing to the next level. That being said, I do offer pre-done for you mini brand packages available in the Brand Boutique. You get a solid logo, color palette, typography suggestions and a style guide already done and waiting for your purchase.

I'm ready to get started. What's next?

Visit my design calendar to check availability so that you have a date in mind and schedule your discovery call.

How I know what you need

First of all (I feel like starting anything off with "first of all" really grabs your attention, LOL),

  • I have 10+ years of pixel pushing my way around Adobe Creative Suite for clients that include celebrity event designers, editorial make-up artists, international photographers, bridal show producers, salon owners, real estate brokers and a luxury travel company. Through years of trial and error, fails and wins, I've been able to help build both personal and company brands viewed all over the globe.
  • I've been where you are! I've been so busy that I didn't have time for sleep let alone building a brand. I know what it's like to not show up because you don't have your shit together but you know what you want to do and can't. I know what it's like spending hours upon hours trying to learn something just long enough to mesh some crap together so that you'll have SOMETHING when you really needed to be focusing on that thing you're awesome at that would bring in the coinage. I also know what it's like to finally cave in and hire help. I know what it's like to work with someone who "gets" me and helps me align myself with my true being. I've had the "aha" moment. And I want to be there when you have yours.