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You've been killin' it in the event industry for years. You've been a part of some major productions and received recognition for your work. Then came the explosion of social media and somehow, you lost your way. You're still rocking that clip art based logo from the early 2000s and your website leaves a lot to be desired. And while you're quite confident in your talent, you're not showing up like you can (and should) because you know your brand doesn't reflect your business. You're tired of looking a hot mess in your business. You want a brand style that's clean and professional, something classy with a touch of swag. Something that says,

I didn't come to play, I came to slay.

Hey, Girl!

I'm Jennifer
Brand Visionary | Stylist +
Business Boo Thang

I help creative businesses look as fabulous as the services and products they offer by designing a sophisticated brand style through savvy graphics, smart digital marketing and functional yet chic web design. I rescue you from the dreaded task of not only having to think up eye catching designs to market your business but also the mind draining responsibility of having to learn the software to design it! 

I started my design journey in 2007 when I started designing business cards and party invitations for family and friends. February 2010 however, marked the official beginning of J. Ward Design Studio. Although I'm an extreme introvert, my quick wit (some call it sarcasm but whatever) and southern drawl is quite infectious. I'm about 75% round the way girl, 20% bougie chick and 5% thuggalicious (those percentages are subject to change depending on the situation so govern yourself accordingly). I luh God and trap music and I'm known to quote lyrics from 80s and 90s R&B and hip hop songs at will (don't judge me).   

I reside in Ridgeland, MS with my photographer husband (folks call him PAR) and my two minis: future music producer or world renowned musician Jordan and my precious ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Supastar Jessica (check out her Etsy shop).  

When I'm not behind my computer servicing clients all over the globe, I enjoy traveling with my friends and family whom I affectionately refer to as my boo thangs, going to live shows and savoring a good meal. When I am behind my computer, I'm probably peeking over the monitor wondering when they gonna free Ghost (they finally did!) or checking out my girls Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche.


creating a strategic alliance to eliminate design dilemma so that you can focus on your craft.

I'm here as your design PARTNER. My goal is to empower you with the visual clarity to attract your business boos and not these bugaboos that have you questioning why you went into business in the first place, the confidence to strut in your greatness unapologetically and the peace of mind of knowing someone has your back and "gets" your brand and how you want to look out in the world.

As much as I would like to, I don't work with everybody. I'm lying. I don't wanna work with everybody. I know who I work well with and I stay in my lane. That's how I ensure my creative genius is more hit than miss. Essentially, I groove well with my fellow lady creatives. There are other prerequisites but here a few ways to know if we can rock with each other and create design greatness together.

Do you...

  • avoid sending people to your website because it looks like it was built during the MySpace era? 

  • love what you do but find yourself frustrated with who you work with?

  • want a brand style with a strong foundation?

  • want to grow your business online?

  • I've been in the event industry for a few years and I've been playing it small. I'm ready to take my brand to the next level. 

  • Design ain't my ministry and I want a designer on my team; someone who "gets" my brand and can work with me on ongoing projects.

  • I'm ready to invest in a consistent brand style that will elevate my business, increase my exposure and showcase my expertise. 

If this is you, Girl, we can do some thangs together!


Embarrassed, Unsure, and Overwhelmed

You've been on the DIY train for a while and you're tired. I mean, sure you're creative. You're an event industry professional and you're great at what you do. You can beat faces to the GAWDS, slay a space that will drop the jaws of anybody who lays eyes on your designs, cook a meal that'll make you wanna slap yo mama. What you ARE NOT, is a brand designer. You know who your dream client is. What you don't know is how to connect the dots between them and your brand style. The mere thought of it overwhelms you. You end up waiting until the last minute to come up with any kind of visuals and because (let's be real) you don't know what the hell you're doing, you put out something that's not a true reflection of the quality you provide. You're embarrassed to send people to your website because, already know it's a hot mess and you don't want other folks to know it. You have been in business for a while and you're going whichever way the wind takes you. You're not really sure what branding is but you know you want a cohesive look for your business and you know you need help! It's okay, girl. I got you. 

The Struggle is OVA!

*In my best Sophia Petrillo voice* Picture it: your business, present day. You have a partner who knows how to attract your dream clients and is committed to designing a brand style that will have folks lining up for miles just to work with you (I can hear the coins dropping now). Gone are the days of here today-gone tomorrow designers who weren't even trying to know you or your business. You have time to actually focus on connecting with your clients and running your business. You can DIY as little or as much as you want because you're equipped with the tools to do that (if you want). You have a marketing strategy with visuals that say "Yep, I'm a BOSS and I know what the hell I'm doing." You're confidently stepping into your greatness.

Jennifer provided high quality results for the package that my business partner and I purchased. The end result was definitely AMAZING & well worth the wait!!!
— Nyoki Lewis Hunt of Alluring Female Founders

Ways I can Help...



Whether you're new to the J. Ward Design experience or a part of the J. Ward Design Elite, I welcome and appreciate the opportunity to "style" your brand with new marketing materials. If you're planning a grand celebration, we're here to set the tone for your event and knock your guests' socks off with custom branded stationery.

Exclusive Special for Subscribers

Every month I offer special savings and bonuses on design services. If you've been waiting around for the perfect deal on a new website, the wait is OVA!