Sophisticated graphic design for professionals and grand events

Before | Embarrassed, Unsure, and Overwhelmed

You've been on the DIY train for a while and you're tired. I mean, sure you're creative. You're an event industry professional and you're great at what you do. You can beat faces to the GAWDS, slay a space that will drop the jaws of anybody who lays eyes on your designs, cook a meal that'll make you wanna slap yo mama. What you ARE NOT, is a brand designer. You know who your dream client is. What you don't know is how to connect the dots between them and your brand style. The mere thought of it overwhelms you. You end up waiting until the last minute to come up with any kind of visuals and because (let's be real) you don't know what the hell you're doing, you put out something that's not a true reflection of the quality you provide. You're embarrassed to send people to your website because, already know it's a hot mess and you don't want other folks to know it. You have been in business for a while and you're going whichever way the wind takes you. You're not really sure what branding is but you know you want a cohesive look for your business and you know you need help! It's okay, girl. I got you


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Playtime is ova...let's get 'ish done.

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Done For You Design

When you've been half assin' long enough and ready to level up with consistent design that'll leave you cute, confident and catchin' coins.


One-on-One Mastermind

1/2 day and Full day in-person sessions. For the serious entrepreneur that wants results and needs a complete plan of action. 


Strategy & Design Support

When you know you need help but don't quite know where to start.


Next Level DIY

Templates, Courses and Workbooks to take your brand to boss status. When you're bootstrapping your brand and need a professional presence. 


Build a Solid Foundation for your Brand

Start strong with a cohesive brand message and style for your brand. Whether you're starting from scratch or rebranding to change markets, the Chic Brand Design package offers,

  • Visuals that represent your brand message
  • Launch strategy for your new look
  • Guidelines on how to use your new brand material.
  • and more

Timeline: 2-3 weeks
Investment: $700+


All-Inclusive Customizable Brand & Web Design

Imagine a Chic Brand, a Posh Website and everything else you need to make your brand style complete. Whether you run your business exclusively online, in your local market or both, the Luxe Brand + Web Package provides,

  • A solid brand foundation
  • A strong online presence
  • Digital and printable designs for online and offline marketing
  • Peace of mind in knowing you don't have to DIY

Timeline: 6+ weeks
Investment: $3200+


Web presence that will have you proud and profitable

Gone are the days of If I build it (online), they will come (to my website). Let's show up in a BIG way online. With the Posh Web Design Package, get ready to have:

  • An audience anxiously awaiting your online debut
  • A strategy that will give your website purpose
  • A website that's attractive and easy to edit yourself

Timeline: 3 weeks
Investment: $1200+

Jennifer provided high quality results for the package that my business partner and I purchased. The end result was definitely AMAZING & well worth the wait!!!

Services for when you

  • Need clarity

  • Need strategy

  • Need freedom

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Need something for your business but not sure what?
Let's figure it out together.

Discovery Call

investment: 30-minutes

You're ready to take some sort of action toward growing your business. But where to start? Start here. Book a 30-minute call with me and based on the answers you submit in a brief questionnaire, I'll provide you with some solid next steps. 

Book the discovery call if you:

  • Are on the fence about a particular service
  • Need clarity on what service is for you
  • Want to chat with me before investing in a service
  • Need direction for your brand
  • Are frustrated in your current state and need help to discover what's next

After your free discovery call, this is the next step. Before you purchase a logo or website package from ANYONE or if you decide to DIY your brand style, this is where you start. Get clarity on what you're missing in your business and what steps need to be in place to make serious moves. Go into the brand design stage with the confidence of knowing you have a solid brand message, mission and vision. 

Brand Assessment + Strategy

investment: $200

The Brand Assessment + Strategy Includes:

  • Full brand overview. Let's make sure you're delivering the right message to the people you want to work with.
  • Brand discovery workbook complete with prompts and examples to help you define your own brand. This will give you a solid brand foundation.
  • A Detailed "Next Steps" Guide. You'll know exactly what you need to do. No confusion here.
  • Follow up accountability session. That's right, I'm personally holding you accountable.
  • $200 credit when you book any brand or web design package.

Retainer Services

investment: Starting at $400/mo.

You don't want to design your own marketing. That ain't your lane. You have a lot of things shaking this year and you need designs, PERIOD. When you don't need branding services but you need different designs consistently over a longer period of time, retainer services are the answer. Retainers can be set quarterly and bi-annually (you're contractually obligated to 3-months or 6-months). With a marketing/design strategy session before the beginning of your retainer period, you know what you'll need and when you'll need it for a stress free and seamless marketing quarter. The awesomeness about this service is that it puts you at the top of my design calendar AND you don't have to worry about securing the marketing for your upcoming project/event (high five for the win-win). There are only a few spots available for retainer services. A discovery call is required before booking.

  • 5 hours per month of design time (VIP hour packages available) 
  • Priority ranking on my design calendar
  • Roll over time on some unused time
  • Weekly report of used time.


Exclusive one-on-one session for the ultimate VIP experience 

Look, I understand. You're way too busy to create a marketing strategy for your next big launch. You're always on the go and when you finally do have a moment, no designer is available for a strategy session because well, you waited until the last minute. But you need systems in place, graphics designed, a PLAN to market this thing and no one to help you get all of it together. Until now. I'm offering this very exclusive 1:1 session to a small number of businesses who need someone to come to them and help map out a plan of action to grow their business. The Mogul Intensive is brand strategy on steroids. We're writing it down, making it plain and getting ish ONE day. Stock up on your Red Bull because we're doing what most strategists do over the course of weeks in a 1/2 day (4 hour) or full day (6 hour) session. That's right, you + me + my computer and knowledge are going to make major moves during this intensive.

Services available during Mogul Intensives include:

  • Brand development (including competition research)
  • Content Development (including website, webinar, blog and social media)*
  • Marketing Strategy*
  • System Set-ups (online calendar, CRM software, client workflows, etc)
  • Package Pricing and Development
    *design services aren't available on site.

There is an application process to determine your needs followed by an interview to determine compatibility. 


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After | The Struggle is OVA!

*In my best Sophia Petrillo voice* Picture it: your business, present day. You have a partner who knows how to attract your dream clients and is committed to designing a brand style that will have folks lining up for miles just to work with you (I can hear the coins dropping now). Gone are the days of here today-gone tomorrow designers who weren't even trying to know you or your business. You have time to actually focus on connecting with your clients and running your business. You can DIY as little or as much as you want because you're equipped with the tools to do that (if you want). You have a marketing strategy with visuals that say "Yep, I'm a BOSS and I know what the hell I'm doing." You're confidently stepping into your greatness.

Mint & Gold 1.JPG does this thing work exactly?

Step one: Let's Chat

Before any work begins, before I relieve you of the stress of trying to figure out how to brand your business, we need to see if we can vibe. After completing a client survey, we'll have a scheduled interview session (yes, interview honey) to see how if you can get jiggy with the way I work and to see if I'm the right choice for your business. So make sure you have your questions ready because I'll be ready with mine. If we see that we can make this thang work, it's time to take it to the next step. Click here to get started.

Step Two: Payments, contracts and all that other jazz

Once we've decided that you and I together are a match made in heaven, you will receive a proposal outlining the scope of work (what we're working on), project timeline (how long it's gonna take) and your investment (how much it's gonna cost). With the exception of clients on a payment plan, there's a 50% deposit due in order to reserve a spot for branding packages and a la carte items are due in full before being added to my design calendar. Once you've reserved your spot, "Let's Get Busy!" cue Arsenio Hall

Step Three: Time to do your homework

After your payment is made and contract is signed, your next message will come from me via your client portal to kick of the beginning of the project. Once your project starts, you'll need to gather info on your brand to better help me create a style that fits your company's new look. You will start a Pinterest board and fill it with inspirational photos that inspires you and share it with me for review and complete your design workbook. Based on the original timeline, we will then create the agreed upon design for proofing.

Step Four: Proofing and Approval

All proofs will be uploaded to your client portal. Your number of revisions are based on the package purchased. Upon approval of design, before final files are sent or file is sent to printer for production, the remaining balance is due.