Hey, Girl!

I'm Jennifer

Brand Designer + Strategist
and Business Boo Thang

I'm here to alleviate the headache of design dilemma while encouraging you to step into your best self and grow your business online. I know what it's like to hesitate to step out into the world because visually, you don't have your shit together. I'm going to rescue you from the dreaded task of not only having to think of eye catching designs to market your business but also the mind draining responsibility of having to learn the software to design it (cuz seriously, ain't nobody got time for that). 

Been Pimpin' Pixels Since '07

I started my design journey in 2007 when I started designing business cards and party invitations for family and friends. February 2010 however, marked the official beginning of J. Ward Design Studio. Although I'm an extreme introvert, my quick wit (some call it sarcasm but whatever) and southern drawl are quite infectious. I'm about 75% round the way girl, 20% bougie chick and 5% thuggalicious (those percentages are subject to change depending on the situation so govern yourself accordingly). I luh God and trap music and I'm known to quote lyrics from 80s and 90s R&B and hip hop songs at will (don't judge me).   

I reside in Ridgeland, MS with my photographer husband (folks call him PAR) and my two minis: future music producer or world renowned musician Jordan and my precious ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Supastar Jessica (check out her Etsy shop).  

When I'm not behind my computer servicing clients all over the globe, I enjoy traveling with my friends and family whom I affectionately refer to as my boo thangs, going to live shows and savoring a good meal. When I am behind my computer, I'm probably peeking over the monitor wondering when they gonna free Ghost (they finally did!) or checking out my girls Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche.