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your business goals and your marketing graphics cohesively aligned every month. Now add a design professional who’s available to help you map out the visual strategy for your marketing…every month.


Align with Design

a graphic design membership Program

As a business owner, you’re responsible for doing #allthethings. You’re so busy attending to the needs of your clients that one of the key pieces needed to market your business winds up taking a back seat - your graphics. Let’s face it. A design is not only about looks but, also about how it coincides with your brand and the experience it creates. You need a design that will make you stand out, get noticed, and set you apart from your competition.

Align with Design was created to help companies who need regular marketing materials but don’t want to hire a full time design staff.

The goal is to discover your company’s brand message and understand what you need to achieve your goals. Then, design graphics that visually align with those benchmarks.


What’s Different about this Retainer Program


You will receive design credits instead of design hours

Each design service offered will be assigned a certain design credit. I don’t believe companies should be penalized (by paying more) if something takes longer to be designed and the designer shouldn’t be penalized (by being paid less) for being able to complete designs efficiently. While smaller design projects will count as one credit, larger design projects may count up to as many as 8 credits.

Currently each retainer package includes 8 design credits.

It’s Not Just About the Graphics

This isn’t the type of program where you submit random graphic requests and 2 days later you receive a design. This program was designed to help businesses meet their goals by aligning the goal with design and strategy. Before the beginning of the quarter, we have a meeting to discuss your goals for the quarter. During that meeting we discuss the overarching goal for the quarter as well as monthly benchmarks that will be used as checkpoints to gauge the success of the current promotions.

The Agency (the top tier program) offers a more hands on approach. It includes a strategic analysis, consulting hours and bi-weekly check ins.



Spots Can Only be Booked at the Beginning of Each Quarter. Each Spot is Exclusively for Previous J. Ward Design Clients

This is NOT a get-in-where-you-fit-in type of program. Limited spots can only be secured January, April, July and October. You must have your promotion ideas or at the very minimum, know your goal for the quarter when applying for the program.

Because Align with Design requires a 3 month commitment, you must have worked with J. Ward prior to being accepted into the program. Feel free to book a custom design before completing the application process.


What’s Included


The Collective

3 monthly payments of $347 or One Payment of $997

For the self starter who needs to brain dump their marketing ideas. Show us the plan and we provide the graphics.

Program Includes:

  • 8 design credits per month

  • 20% off additional designs*

  • 1 consultation each month

  • Top priority service times

  • 3 Month Commitment


The Agency

3 Monthly Payments of $597 or 1 Payment of $1737

For the business owner who needs help with planning out their promotions and accessing their goals.

Program includes:

  • Everything from The Collective PLUS

  • Monthly Promotion Blueprint

  • Monthly Benchmark Report

  • Bi-weekly check ins

What’s Not Included


Additional fees apply if printing through J. Ward Design.

Branding and Web Packages

Contact us if you need custom brand and web design.

Brand Boutique

Any discounts on classes or designs inside the brand boutique will be listed there.


*20% does not apply to brand and web designs or items purchased in the Brand Boutique.



Quarterly Goal Options

Align with Design is a goal based retainer program that focuses on creating custom graphics based on a particular goal or marketing strategy. Currently, the program is best used for:

  • Event Promotion

  • Product or Course Launch

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Highlighting a Particular Service

  • Email Marketing

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Pushin’ Pixels since ‘07

 I’m Jennifer, the lead designer at J. Ward Design Studio. As a solopreneur since 2007, I know what overwhelmed feels like in business - hell, in your life. Every day I open my eyes I throw on my armour and go to war with anxiety and depression. Some days I get knocked down pretty bad. Other days I’m the one wrecking thangs. But one thing that helps me escape the rollercoaster of emotion that comes with mental illness is using my creativity. Knowing the very thing that gives me calm can also provide calm for others for a completely different reason provides me with a sense of fulfillment that gives me all the feels.

I use my design skills plus over 10 years of experience to connect with your business and create visually connecting graphics that will have your clients doing a double take and throwing you all their coins.

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