Case Study: Cornelius & Clarke Advisors


The Project...

Malcolm Underwood of Cornelius & Clarke Advisors came to me with the understanding that he needed a website. As a concierge for travelers, he wanted to create an online presence for those looking for meeting spaces for corporate conferences as well as leisure personal travel. Malcolm already had a Squarespace website but was very honest about the fact that he was "no designer." He had keywords for SEO and stock photos that would certainly speak to his market. What he needed was content for his pages and someone to help put all the pieces together to give him an effective website as the end result. In stepped me.

What we offer is bespoke travel concierge service. Our target is the corporate professional that is assigned the task of finding a meeting space for a conference. They also take ‘bucket list-type trips and they want someone who can take care of both.
— Malcolm Underwood, Cornelius & Clarke Advisors

The Vision...

A clean, contemporary website with a simple call to action and strong imagery was the overall objective. Malcolm's ideal client is the corporate executive that needed a go-to person to handle all of their seminar and conference booking who could also provide the ultimate experience for a corporate retreat or bucket list type of family vacation. This middle-aged professional is looking for a travel experience, not simply someone that could get them from point A to point B. Ultimately, Cornelius & Clarke Advisors will be the online place for bespoke travel concierge services. This isn't a one-size fits all travel agency. As the agency continues to refine its brand vision, more concentrated content will be published. But for now, a kick-ass website is a great starting place. 


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The Process...

After completing his branding workbook and uploading his photos, I was able to start the preliminary design process. Based on Malcolm's target audience, I knew a template like Hayden (from the Bedford template family) with full-bleed banner images and lines were the best option. Focusing on luxury styled imagery provided by Malcolm, I used photos with minimal detail for the banner images and crisp, colorful photos next to each description. The Cornelius and Clarke Advisors website includes a call to action on each page, speaking to the overall objective of the site, which is for visitors to contact Malcolm for their travel needs. With a very contemporary and modern look, I opted for all san serif typography is various font weights and sizes for visual interest. While most of Malcolm's target audience is on Linkedin, we still included his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account buttons to further increase exposure.


The Result...

A contemporary, easy to navigate web presence that positions Cornelius & Clarke Advisors as a professional travel concierge service that is sure to attract the corporate traveler in need of both meeting space and leisure accommodations. Click here to see Cornelius & Clarke Advisors full website and to book your next conference space or luxury vacation.

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