Progress over Perfection: How to be okay with slow but steady growth


So a couple of weeks ago, I threw caution to the wind and did my first Feature Friday (check out Makeda Smith's write up here). I figured the easiest way for me to create content is to showcase my work. Feature Fridays are pretty much like case studies for various projects. Because I'm just out here going for what I know (or don't know that well), I had an idea for how I wanted the post to read but I didn't have a plan on having everything together (graphics, links, etc) for the blog post or for the social media graphics to promote. It took me damn near til bed time to get that ONE post up. But I did it! I kept going and I didn't give up. To be honest, it's currently 3am as I type this blog post. But that's okay because while I am sho nuff sleepy, I'm learning how to chart my plan for content creation.

I know that for Feature Friday posts, I need to create my graphics first. That gives me insight to what I'm writing about. I need social media graphics as well as blog graphics. They're similar but not the same thing most times. I have a general idea of the blog post (who the client is, the problem they had, how I solved it, etc). I learned too that Pages/MS Word is where I should type my content FIRST (which I'm not doing for this blog post but don't judge me) so I can have a saved copy of the content. I can't really do that by working directly in my website. As I write the blog post, I visualize where my graphics will fall within the post and make notes to add them when I write the blog within the website. I also get my URL links for different pages, calls to action, buttons and/or files. I also need to know what I'm going to write for the coordinating Instagram posts along with appropriate hashtags and calls to action. I didn't learn that part until I posted this Friday's Feature. My point is, I wouldn't have known any of it if I didn't do it the first time. And I wouldn't have done it the first time if I was waiting on everything to be lined up. Hell, in the first Feature Friday, Makeda DM'd me and told me that the links to her Instagram and Facebook were incorrect so I took it down and reposted it. I even misspelled a word on a graphic's post before that. But I kept going.

This Friday was a little easier than last Friday. And next Friday will be easier than this one. The thing I had to get over was expecting perfection. I'm growing my social media following, increasing engagement and booking clients. I know that isn't going to happen over night. I also know it's not going to happen at all if I do nothing. It's said that faith without works in dead. Well these blog posts are my faith at work. I'm just sharing what I know, hoping it will help someone else.