Need something for your business but not sure what?
Let's figure it out together.

Discovery Call

investment: 30-minutes

You're ready to take some sort of action toward growing your business. But where to start? Start here. Book a 30-minute call with me and based on the answers you submit in a brief questionnaire, I'll provide you with some solid next steps. 

Book the discovery call if you:

  • Are on the fence about a particular service
  • Need clarity on what service is for you
  • Want to chat with me before investing in a service
  • Need direction for your brand
  • Are frustrated in your current state and need help to discover what's next

After your free discovery call, this is the next step. Before you purchase a logo or website package from ANYONE or if you decide to DIY your brand style, this is where you start. Get clarity on what you're missing in your business and what steps need to be in place to make serious moves. Go into the brand design stage with the confidence of knowing you have a solid brand message, mission and vision. 

Brand Assessment + Strategy

investment: $200

The Brand Assessment + Strategy Includes:

  • Full brand overview. Let's make sure you're delivering the right message to the people you want to work with.
  • Brand discovery workbook complete with prompts and examples to help you define your own brand. This will give you a solid brand foundation.
  • A Detailed "Next Steps" Guide. You'll know exactly what you need to do. No confusion here.
  • Follow up accountability session. That's right, I'm personally holding you accountable.
  • $200 credit when you book any brand or web design package.

Retainer Services

investment: Starting at $400/mo.

You don't want to design your own marketing. That ain't your lane. You have a lot of things shaking this year and you need designs, PERIOD. When you don't need branding services but you need different designs consistently over a longer period of time, retainer services are the answer. Retainers can be set quarterly and bi-annually (you're contractually obligated to 3-months or 6-months). With a marketing/design strategy session before the beginning of your retainer period, you know what you'll need and when you'll need it for a stress free and seamless marketing quarter. The awesomeness about this service is that it puts you at the top of my design calendar AND you don't have to worry about securing the marketing for your upcoming project/event (high five for the win-win). There are only a few spots available for retainer services. A discovery call is required before booking.

  • 5 hours per month of design time (VIP hour packages available) 
  • Priority ranking on my design calendar
  • Roll over time on some unused time
  • Weekly report of used time.