chic Brand Suite

Start showing up with a cohesive brand message and style for your brand. The Chic Brand Design package offers,

  • Visuals that represent your brand message

  • Launch strategy for your new look

  • Guidelines on how to use your new brand material.

  • and more

Timeline: 2 weeks


Posh Web Design

Web presence that will have you proud and profitable

Gone are the days of If I build it (online), they will come (to my website). Let's show up in a BIG way online. With the Posh Web Design Package, get ready to have:

  • An audience anxiously awaiting your online debut

  • A strategy that will give your website purpose

  • A website that's attractive and easy to edit yourself

Timeline: 2 weeks


Luxe Brand + Web

All-Inclusive Customizable Brand & Web Design

Imagine a Chic Brand, a Posh Website and everything else you need to make your brand style complete. Whether you run your business exclusively online, in your local market or both, the Luxe Brand + Web Package provides,

  • A solid brand message and vision

  • A strong online presence

  • Digital and printable designs for online and offline marketing

  • Peace of mind in knowing you don't have to DIY

Timeline: 4 weeks

Jennifer provided high quality results for the package that my business partner and I purchased. The end result was definitely AMAZING & well worth the wait!!!