No more marketing like every other consultant in your company. Let's work together to create a personal brand that will speak to your ideal customer and help you build a tribe that is all about what you have to offer. At the end of our two weeks together, you will leave with,

  • A confident, strong brand style for your MLM
  • Consistent brand colors to take your brand style further
  • A Cohesive brand style leaving you with a professional, intentional look.

Imagine having a personal brand that will transcend any company you're a part of. When people hear your name, they will associate with YOU not the MLM Company. Think of the lives you'll impact when your brand style is used to create awareness and value outside of the standard company information. You will be viewed as a specialist, an expert, not just another _____ lady. 

I completely understand....

You've been trying to make a real impact in your direct sales company. You want to help other women. You love the product you offer. You want to make more money. AND you want to be viewed as someone other than "just another jewelry/makeup/product lady." You don't want to come off salesy and sleazy but let's face it, you did join your MLM company to make money. As a part of the MLMpreneur Crew or Leticia Campbell's private client, you know the importance of personal branding. But you're no designer. And that's okay. I'm here to help.

I'm Jennifer, graphic designer and business boo thang to lady entrepreneurs who are looking to show up with style online and in their local market with custom brand + graphic + web designs. For the past 10 years I've helped salon owners, international photographers, celebrities, makeup artists, dance studios and the like take their brands to the next level with clean, cohesive, memorable designs. I take our time together to invest in you and you're brand to develop as style that is a true reflection of your message. 

So are you ready to shake things up in your direct sales business? Of course you are! Introducing,


"Be the MLMpreneur"

Personal Brand Design for Direct Sales Consultants

Who is this for?

This package has been created EXCLUSIVELY for tribe members and private clients of Leticia Campbell. If you're working with or following Leticia, you should already know the importance of personal branding in your MLM. Here are a few things you should have established before working with me on this package.

  • Know your target audience
  • Have a brand message
  • Have a brand voice
  • Be open to design suggestions
  • Have design inspiration for your brand

What you get

The deliverable for this design package includes:

  • One hour brand strategy session (valued at $200)
  • One custom logo design with web and print files ($300 value)
  • Color palette with color codes
  • A Facebook Business Cover Design ($65 value)
  • A Facebook Group Cover Design ($65 value)
  • A Social Media Flyer ($65 value)
  • Two Social Media Templates ($50 value)

Total value: $745


or 2 payments of $150

What others are saying


Jennifer is the TRUTH when it comes to graphic design. When you want to take your business to the next level, Jen is who you call.

Leticia Campbell

How to get Started

  • First thing's first. Before I collect one penny, I need to see if we're a good fit. So when you sign up using the button below, you'll also be prompted to schedule a quick 15 minute chat. This gives me an idea of you are and helps me better serve you. It's also a great time to get to know me and how I work and decide if I'm the best person to whip you brand into shape.
  • Once we chat and decide that, hey, we can do some thangs together, you will receive a link to make your payment and sign your contract. After THAT
  • It's homework time. You will receive a form to complete outlining your brand vision, mission and voice. This will give me an idea of the direction I need to go into visually. Once you've completed your homework,
  • Let's talk strategy! Based on your homework responses, where you currently are in your business and your upcoming business goals, we will collaborate on the best direction to take the vision of your brand. Once we have our plan charted out,
  • I get to work! All that pre-work won't be in vain. On your preset design start date, I take all the information you provided, research I've done and chats we've had together and start crafting out logo proofs for you to review. You will receive 3 concepts with 3 rounds of revisions giving us the space for the perfect logo design. Once your logo is approved, all of your coordinating pieces will be designed to coincide with it. You receive one design proof for each graphic with 3 rounds of revisions for each design. 

So you may be wondering....

1. How long does process this take?

I work with only one client at a time. That means it's me and you for 2 weeks.

2. What all do I get?

Glad you asked. Your deliverables include:

  • A 1 hour brnad strategy session
  • 1 custom logo design complete with web and print ready files.
  • A brand style sheet with your color codes and moodboard
  • A Facebook Business Page Cover Design
  • A Facebook Group Cover Design
  • A Social Media flyer to be used on Facebok and/or Instagram
  • 2 Social Media Templates to be used on Facebook and/or Instagram

Not only that. The confidence that you will have in your business will have you consistanty showing up and making a difference to people who've been waiting on you.

3. Why is it so cheap?

This package has been personally crafted specifically for the tribe, clients and followers of Leticia Campbell. Leticia and I have worked together on projects for her brand and she knew that her tribe needed something that could take all of the work and value she's been pouring into them to the next level. Because she's already taught and primed her tribe on the importance of personal branding, I knew I wanted to provide a valuable package that could give her tribe the look that would couple with the knowledge she's currently teaching.

4. How long will this special pricing last?

I'm extending this special offer to 10 ladies. What that means is there will be one design spot available every 2 weeks until they are filled.

Why should I invest?

Why shouldn't you?! Seriously though, a strong brand presence makes such a huge difference in the way you're perceived. A logo and graphics on their own is not the end all be all to a successful business but a clear brand message, which is what this package provides will make a monumnental impact in the way you do business.

I'm not sure I'm ready, what do I need to start?

You have to be ready for change in your business before starting this process. You should also be ready to dedicate 2 weeks to regularly checking emails, weekly check ins and providing feedback. You should also have a Pinterest account that you can use for your moodboard inspiration. A strong brand vision and message are also needed in order to get the most out of our time together.

You Ready? Let's do this!

Not a member of Leticia's MLMPreneur Crew, MLMPreneur Momma or Women in Direct Sales tribe but want a strong brand to grow online? No worries, boo. I got'chu! Let's chat!