how to avoid a whack website

Understanding what it takes to be
pretty and paid online


  • Need a website but don't know where to start?

  • That Squarespace site staring at your wondering, what you waiting on?

  • Want a website that's cute AND converts?

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Designing a website is a big job.
who wants to do all that work just to
end up with a website that doesn't convert?

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Here's what I know...

  • You need a website that converts visitors into paying clients

  • You need a website that works for you, not a website that makes you do all the work.

  • You need a prime piece of online real estate to bring your social media prospects to. 

  • You need a professional online presence to show visitors that you mean business.

After reading the guide "HOw to avoid a whack website," you'll have exactly what you need to have all of that and more!