Exclusive one-on-one session for the ultimate VIP experience 

Look, I understand. You're way too busy to create a marketing strategy for your next big launch. You're always on the go and when you finally do have a moment, no designer is available for a strategy session because well, you waited until the last minute. But you need systems in place, graphics designed, a PLAN to market this thing and no one to help you get all of it together. Until now. I'm offering this very exclusive 1:1 session to a small number of businesses who need someone to come to them and help map out a plan of action to grow their business. The Mogul Intensive is brand strategy on steroids. We're writing it down, making it plain and getting ish ONE day. Stock up on your Red Bull because we're doing what most strategists do over the course of weeks in a 1/2 day (4 hour) or full day (6 hour) session. That's right, you + me + my computer and knowledge are going to make major moves during this intensive.

Services available during Mogul Intensives include:

  • Brand development (including competition research)
  • Content Development (including website, webinar, blog and social media)*
  • Marketing Strategy*
  • System Set-ups (online calendar, CRM software, client workflows, etc)
  • Package Pricing and Development
    *design services aren't available on site.

There is an application process to determine your needs followed by an interview to determine compatibility. 


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