does this thing work exactly?

Step one: Let's Chat

Before any work begins, before I relieve you of the stress of trying to figure out how to brand your business, we need to see if we can vibe. After completing a client survey, we'll have a scheduled interview session (yes, interview honey) to see how if you can get jiggy with the way I work and to see if I'm the right choice for your business. So make sure you have your questions ready because I'll be ready with mine. If we see that we can make this thang work, it's time to take it to the next step. Click here to get started.

Step Two: Payments, contracts and all that other jazz

Once we've decided that you and I together are a match made in heaven, you will receive a proposal outlining the scope of work (what we're working on), project timeline (how long it's gonna take) and your investment (how much it's gonna cost). There is a minimum of 25% due to reserve a spot for branding packages. Once you've reserved your spot, "Let's Get Busy!" cue Arsenio Hall

Step Three: Time to do your homework

After your payment is made and contract is signed, your next message will come from me via your client portal to kick of the beginning of the project. Once your project starts, you'll need to gather info on your brand to better help me create a style that fits your company's new look. You will start a Pinterest board and fill it with inspirational photos that inspires you and share it with me for review and complete your design workbook. Based on the original timeline, we will then create the agreed upon design for proofing.

Step Four: The Brand Strategy Pow-Wow

After your homework is complete and before I get started on the design process, you and I will have a live video chat where I'll go over your homework answers and Pinterest board pins. We'll spend about an hour and a half going over my research and based on your answers, the direction we should take in terms of the design aspect of your brand. It is at this time you'll give me a yay or nay and we'll work out any potential design kinks.

Step Four: Proofing and Approval

All proofs will be uploaded to your client portal. I'll check in with you weekly on the progress of our project. Digital designs include 3 rounds of revisions and web designs include 2 rounds of revisions.