Social Media Bundle

Consistent visibility is key when growing online. These custom designed social media graphics will have you showing up on brand in a big way. Use them with a 3rd party app (think Word Swag or Canva) to post a quick call-to-action, sale or quote.

The Social Media Bundle includes 6 graphics. Use up to 3 for call-to-action, promotional and/or contact information. Use the other 3 as a blank canvas for the spur of the moment posts and quote you need to make.

How Does This Work?

  1. Determine when you need your design. If you need it in 5-7 business days, choose standard turnaround. If you need it within 1-2 business days, choose RUSH turnaround.

  2. Schedule the date and time you’ll be available to view and provide feedback for the design. You will receive your design around that time and I’ll be at my computer for a whole hour to make any changes you have so that you can get your final design and be on your way to promote in no time. If for some reason you can’t make your changes within the time scheduled, you will receive design changes within 24 business hours.

  3. Pay for your design. I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

  4. Submit ALL of your information. This is so important. In order for you to receive your design at your scheduled time, you must submit your information at the time of booking.

  5. Be ready to view and submit design changes on your scheduled date and time.