consistently Promote your business with graphics customized for your brand.

Consistent visibility is key when growing online. These custom designed social media graphics will have you showing up on brand in a big way. Use them with a 3rd party app (think Word Swag or Canva) to post a quick call-to-action, sale or quote. The Social Media Bundle includes 6 graphics. Use up to 3 for call-to-action, promotional and/or contact information. Use the other 3 as a blank canvas for the spur of the moment posts and quote you need to make.


Sounds Intriguing. So how does this work?

I’m glad you asked.


Step 1

Determine if the social media bundle is right for you. There are stipulations for this design package so make sure this design package is the right fit for your needs. Check out the FAQ section and if you still have questions, let’s chat.

step 2

Have all of your design information ready to submit. Once you’ve scheduled your design date and made your payment, you’ll have to submit your information. Have all your photos and info ready.

step 3

Schedule your design date. Your scheduled design date is not an actual appointment. It's the date and time you will receive your design. If you're not available at that time you will still receive your graphic.

Step 4

Submit your information. Again, at your time of purchase make sure you have all of the details of your design so you can upload your information as soon as you purchase. We cannot guarantee your design date if you do not submit your information at the time of scheduling.

Step 5

Check your email on your scheduled design date. You will receive an email on the date and time you requested to receive your designs. You will not receive a call as this is NOT an appointment. It’s simply my way of staying organized with my design work and ensuring accurate turnaround times. You do not have to be available at your scheduled date and time in order to received your design.

Step 6

Submit your design changes via the form provided in your design proof. Your design proof will be emailed to you with a link that will show you all of your designs along with sections that allow you to submit changes for each graphic. You receive 3 rounds of revisions at no additional charge. Each round of revisions are noted so you can keep track of them to avoid additional charges

Step 7

Approve your design, download final files. Once you’ve approved your designs, you will receive an email confirming approval with links to download your files from Dropbox. Make sure you download your files to your personal Dropbox or hard drive.

Working with Ms.Ward exceeded my expectations. Ms.Ward was professional, prompt and provided excellent customer services. She made sure to listen and explore the specific things I needed for my design.
— Shalonda Carlisle

What’s Included

The social media bundle includes 6 square graphics that can be used for Instagram or Facebook marketing. Up to 3 graphics can include a specific call to action. The other 3 are blank templates that you can add your own information to.

What the bundle works for

  • A single event that needs multiple graphics for sponsors, speakers and/or vendors

  • One marketing concept with different highlights

  • A Product launch

  • A webinar series

  • General business marketing

What the bundle does not work for

  • Promotions using multiple color schemes

  • Multiple marketing concepts

  • Multiple events or one event with multiple locations and different information


+ What's the turnaround?

You schedule the date you need your design. For the social media bundle you can schedule to receive your design a minimum of 5 business days from the date of purchase.

+ What if I need my design sooner?

Rush services are available for the social media bundle which provides a 1-2 day turnaround. Click here to get started.

+ How does this process go?

Step 1: Schedule your design date.
Step 2: Submit your payment.
Step 3: Submit your information.
Step 4: Check your email on your design date.
Step 5: Submit your changes.
Step 6: Approve and download your final files.
Step 7: Post your graphics.

+ What if I don't like my design?

I can definitely understand that concern. While I have a track record of knocking it out the ball park the first time around, you have up to 3 rounds of revisions at no additional charge. A fee of $50 per round of changes incurs after the 3rd round.

+ How much is the social media bundle?

Can you believe you get 6 custom graphics for only $175? Yep, you can.

+ Is there a return policy?

Yes and no. Due to the custom nature of digital design and time spent on research and development of the done for you projects, there are no refunds after the project has begun.

+ How soon do I book?

Now if you're ready. Make sure you schedule your design date to allow for revisions if your design is time sensitive.

+ Why do I have to schedule an appointment to receive my design?

Graphic designers get a bad rap for missing design deadlines. This is a method I created to help me stay on track with my projects. The date and time that you schedule is when you will receive your graphic. You're not required to be present at that date and time unless you'd like to make your changes during that scheduled time.

Jennifer is absolutely awesome to work with! Her expertise is well-rounded and her work speaks for itself. With a background in design, sometimes it’s challenging to find a designer you’re 100% satisfied with...(I’m a bit OCD)... However, this company has exceeded my expectations!
— Sharetha Nicole

How to Get Started


Step One

Purchase and Schedule Design Date


Step Two

Submit your information via the form below.